when we're snow

by Infinity Crush

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Andrew Kemp
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Andrew Kemp home in your clothes made me weep openly Favorite track: home in your clothes.
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KevinScottSpencer i am in love with caroline and i will have a crushh on her until the end of time. If i had the money i would get surgery to look like the michelin man Favorite track: tiny souls in my eyelashes.
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danyelle I found this album during a really dark night, it honestly just.. hit home. Carolines voice is so beautiful, these lyrics are so past beautiful. honestly this sounds cliche but I can't really describe how much this album means to me, I just know I'd be lost with out it. Favorite track: a morning i woke up.
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hold my breath for 20 seconds hope that someone comes to mention you or the way you move like you're warm static floating or some sweet candy coating stuck between my nails i want you to break me down and lift me out and kiss some truth into my mouth let me sleep when I'm too high and never have a bad goodbye floating through the drug store aisle and you break me down with that smile let me wander in denial i want you to reshape me into some pure form of what you want or had before and love me when my dress gets torn and hold me close and don't get bored
happy hour 01:51
i will tear my insides out to find tangled pieces of you i will meet you between my daydreams and the real thing i lock the doors when you're here now i will carve you from the air i will tie you in my hair keep you there let you speak pretend you care ill be sorry until i puke clean me up make me new then re-realize you resent everything i do you fucked me up and left me out and kept this dryness in my mouth i have no words i have no sounds i am just stumbling around hiding seeking waiting to be found
post-apocalyptic dreams taste the way you would and all the trees and teenagers would try you if they could even when I'm fucking up you say I'm still your angel and all the snarls in my hair are just to make my halo we started out so beautiful and now we're just all mangled wearing through this skin we're in our sheets they just stayed tangled i was just 16 yrs old when i first lost my mind in a summer metro ride to the faceless ghosts inside the times i said i'd care for you and the promises i made you got me bored and sick again so i went and i betrayed you I'm the rust that your blood will soon change to to get inside and poison you and love and rearrange you
don't cast another spell on me my stomach is weak from the things i need lost some hair and lost some friends no drugs no dreams no end in the corner of your room we talked about yr mom the apocalypse is coming soon i know it won't be long alaska on my mind, treat me cruel and treat me kind swallow me in the night make me sorry, make me blind i wanna be a warmth that lives inside yr restless body i wanna be yr melting snow yr family pet yr empty home alaska on my mind, love me well, love me blind choke me with your cold spring fingers let me whimper let me linger
will you look at me like you still think im lovely when im tearing the love from your hands? and cutting between the lengths of your fingers as delicately as i can? will the clocks stop when i stop saying your name and your ghost gets out of my mirror? are you lonely with only me to blame? sad and boring, take my soul away. am i abstract am i concrete either way you dont want me in any world we could meet.
blood 02:30
let me tangle into you spit cobwebs in your mouth til i get bored and tired and wanna let you out you speak like you're water but you're not you're just someone who doesn't know they are warm and clean and pure oh my love won't you tell me what you like? hang from above and keep me up all night oh my love theres blood on my hands wipe it off and swear you understand maybe if i hold my breath for twenty something days then i can die and float around and fit inside the places of your world that no one knows they are warm and they are dark and no one goes
honest 01:54
i found you in the patterns of the weather the clouds that come apart and move together the rain was warm like the time you told me i have no name or no heart im just this body love me well, laugh when im choking love me to hell, mock me when im hoping for you the snow on the car on your last birthday say my name like you want me to stay i am so lost in this world without you you kept me still you kept me warm and brand new touch me again like that way you promised ill never cry, ill never be honest for you
breaking 03:07
when i closed my eyes it was always you i'd find standing there with nothing to hide and every time you spoke i could feel you in my throat crawling out to get back into my mouth i'm not what you wanted i'm just something you've forgotten in your mother's hair i can feel you breaking every day you wake up aching for someone that wasn't there all the things you dreamt and all the things you never meant are in my skin and in my bones and in my breath i can feel them in my sleep and when you're standing next to me your hands are so far from my hands, like you said they should be.


all songs written and recorded february - june 2013.
thanks sam ray for recording, singing on, and mixing 'home in your clothes'.
thanks dylan moss for the cover art and for recording 'a morning i woke up'.
thanks to all my friends and anyone that takes the time to listen. i love you all from the bottom of my heart.


released June 27, 2013


all rights reserved



Infinity Crush Wilmington, North Carolina

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