stumble pretty

by Infinity Crush

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songs written and recorded from december 2012-february 2013.
thanks to ryan wilson for mixing and recording 'drowning here with all my friends'.
thanks to aaron castro for singing on 'drowning here with all my friends'.
thanks to dan cordero for singing on 'stumble pretty'.
thanks to my friends and anyone that listens.


released February 8, 2013


all rights reserved



Infinity Crush Wilmington, North Carolina

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Track Name: drowning here with all my friends
carve my lungs out to
fill with these thoughts of you
the whole world is flooding
like the dream where i
was your mermaid
i'll drown the ghosts
that live inside your body
this world has made me soft
we are so fragile
we all tell each other
that we are pretty
until the day we die
and sleep and repeat and
make each other cry
the flowers in the park don't hurt or sympathize
Track Name: sleeping in on a snow day (in 2011)
im bored im cold im tired
im in between in im not im what you want
youre spring youre fall
youre the snow from when you came home
you rain you pour you want me more
i make you sick you cant stand it,
that way i touch my hair between my words

flower beds in your mind, blooming to pass the time
the space you take up in me, the way you speak slowly
youre paper thin in your sheets
youre pale and mine to keep
Track Name: paper dreams
you said you cant keep hanging around there
with these thoughts that rot in my hair
and the kids that never go to sleep
i’ll wear my favorite dress
but it will make no difference
i am not the same as i was when you first met me
and my eyes were still bright
and i hadn’t yet begun to destroy my body

drink until you want me
tie me up and taunt me
stay here forever just to haunt me
stuck inside your day dream
tell your friends that i seem
to be doing better this year

there's blood stained in my singing
and ink blotted in my dream
figures of the people i have tainted
with this maddening illusion and
constant confusion that
i can treat them well

drink until you want me
tie me up and taunt me
stay here forever just to haunt me
i'll swear I'm feeling better
we'll fight about whether or not
I've lost my mind
Track Name: i will never be sorry again
i’ll keep you in my mind
and speak to you in rhymes
and let you waste my time
whenever you like

youre the wind that pushes me
youre the summer between my teeth
Track Name: stumble pretty
ill meet you between
the days im clean
promise you things that
youll never see
owe you a feeling just to spend it
tell you i love you just to forget it
over again and over again

detune, retune, stumble forever into
these rains and monsoons and try to renew
find someone honest and fake them a promise
find someone nice just to ruin their life
i found that in you
i found that in you
Track Name: seeing you in dreamworld
i see beauty and feel nothing at all
i’ll stay in bed all day
miss all your calls
don’t dream for too long
don’t get lost in your brain
once i dreamed for six months
and i was never the same
at 1 am i bought cigarettes
but only smoked a few
and tonight i’ll black out again
and be thinking of you
collecting these thoughts to haunt myself with
the places you took me
when we were just kids
Track Name: the boys of summer
it will be summer
sweating birthday cakes
(melted) and
perfume to haunt you and
the dishes i washed when
my best friend suffocated
it only takes hands and brain
to want to die
there are boxes of pictures of people -
i stole the name of the woman in green
it is an old photo and she is dead
a moment trapped somewhere
where she is dying
over and
and over

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